Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Testing UV lamps On nightmare before christmas Figures.

OK, very short,, I got some UV LED lamps at Rakuten,and Holy-Moly, I love playing with these.
These will obviously enough make my work with UV  much easier, I have already planned to make several models showing UV effects on my previous work.

 Just tested them at some revoltech Nightmare before Christmas Figures that finely glows and shows the UV effect very Brightly. Hard to see at the camera even though i shot it as a RAW and brought back the colours.

But Ill definitely have fun with these in the future.

Its perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. ;)

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  1. These UV Led lamps are so amazing. I also got one as a gift and I really like it. Technology has making every little thing so amazing . I really enjoy all your posts.