Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tokyo Disney Sea Model, Journey to the center of the earth, preview

It took me ages to just get close to a completion of this model.
I never think I would be 100% satisfied, because I want to expand it in every direction as possible.
there are so many parts of this attraction i would love to carve and visualize, and there would alway be the next step to conquer.

The planning of the blueprint for the model was done a approx a year ago and the construction of the wooden frame as well.
The choice of a strong wooden frame, came with the idea of a enclosed water reservoir for the waterfalls and the mushroom forest swamp area.
The swamp area was later done with water effect resin instead to minimize the electrics in the model.

So far, I tried to take some few pictures of the model today, and I think I'm getting to an end where I can call it satisfaction after installing the Crystal lights in the cavern. 
I have already planned to do a more accurate model though, with more details on the load area (the Base station).

I kinda decided on the scale very early,It was dictated by the Tomica models you can purchase at the Tokyo disney resort. 

So I picket up 6 cars in the Bon voyage shop next to Maihama station to be sure I had the vehicles for the model when completed.

since its far from completed I only want to share some few shots of the model.

The Crystal cave part features led lid crystals from Real quarts and a waterfall on each side of the track. 
 The smoke feature is installed and the mushroom forest is lid by bio-luminescence mushrooms and animals.

Original design remains with Walt Disney Imagineering

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