Monday, August 31, 2015

Tokyo Disney sea Journey to the center of the earth Artwork

A while back I did a couple of Very long Pieces inspired by the Tokyo Disney sea Attraction "Journey To the Center of the earth"
I was not part of the original design team on this attraction.
But since its my favourite ride of all time, and Im currently building a huge scale model from the blueprints. I thought it would be good to have some reference to keep track of colours and textures.

These are some of the pieces I have drawn.

Here Im working on the Base station set, which was first done by markers, and all measurements are taken from the Original blueprints of the ride.

 This set is sthe Attraction fron you see when you enter The volcano from Mysterious island bay.
The entrance is Next to the sign that says "Journey to the Center of the earth" in illuminated Lava.
 The First scene in the ride after the load area is the Crystal cavern.
here you see hundreds of illuminated crystals and waterfalls. The Picture above is done in markers and ink and shows the Right side of the track. The rock work is shaped like a pillar, so this structure is circulated by the ride vehicle.
On the Left side theres is a waterfall exactly like on the right. and continiously holes in the rockwork with even more glowing beautiful crystals.
This print is a almost 1,5 meter long drawing also done in markers, ink and watercolor. 

here is a even bigger drawing, I started it in marker which is my favourite media, and I added some digital elements.
I have never really got the digital idea, but I think its good to practice on such projects.
I woudl love to see it all done in hand and maybe I also finish the piece by hand at another time.
 Im really sorry about the watermarks, but I would make sure the copyright remains with me.
but you always welcome to share the pictures :)

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of Imagineering for The tokyo Disney resort.
I would also love to hear your thoughts on Tokyo disney sea :) I'm sure Im not the only one who treasure this amazing ride and Theme.

Emil Sixh

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  1. Tokyo Disney sea, this sounds amazing! You have great imagination I must say. Love reading your posts the always makes my day. Keep posting