Friday, July 17, 2015

New york shopping, The evolution store, Marvelously Macabre curiosities.

The Evolution Store

So I actually just wanted to drop some pictures from The evolution store I Soho on Manhattan here.

I have been shopping here a lot lately, first of all to improve my specimen collection In Japan, (Sending this stuff is A headache I tell you, you cant wrap this stuff safe enough ) But i also did a lot of shopping for work.
Good realistic props can be hard to come by in Tokyo, so I got a lot of skulls and specimens over here in New York while I'm staying here.

Visiting The  Evolution store has been a huge wish ever since I saw it featured on Mythbusters many years ago.
Now Finally I'm able to shop here weekly for props for both attractions and also the Tv commercials. They have so many great items, some extremely expensive and some really wonderful-bizarre.
 These skulls are my newest boom, I have no idea what they are called, but they are cool indeed, showing the parts torn apart and levitating in the display is just beyond cool. This piece is like 1500 dollers and they might end up on my desk in Japan soon enough.

Also animals for your trophy room can be supplied here.
 The upper floor is great and have some awesome displays of flora and fauna.
Notice the beautiful peacock in the corner.
 I especially liked this butterfly environment because of the simplicity and the colours.

 I already have collected many birds, but I definitely need an owl, this one has a cool pose, but I would actually prefer one that's sleeping for my bookcase.
These skeleton are on the upper floor and the kid skeleton is very unusual and very interesting.
I already have a huge one I got from my dad which is really nice, and I still need to distress it so it will look like these ones.
Those old-bone colours are great and give skeletons a whole new dimension instead of the classroom version of white plastic.

The back wall behind the counter encounters many different types of skulls, from many periods of time and evolutionary states of the homo sapience.

If you like natural curiosities, this is the place to shop indeed. great place for browsing and learning, and the staff are filled with knowledge about the relics thats for sale. 

for contact and shipping, i have added the contact information here below. 

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  1. I was scrolling and I was like ooh antiques and then I saw bugs and skeletons. Then I got confused so read everything from the start. Nice collection you have , better to keep these safe