Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deagostini My disneyland Japanese scale model Diorama. マイディズニーランド

Tilføj billedtekst

All right I wanted to this model kit coverage for a long time, but I felt I needed to get enough parts before it would be the slightest interesting.
In 2007 The company Deagostini made a 100 issue magazine for the Japanese market containing parts enough to build your own Disneyland.
The model has a working train,  over 50 lights and moving parade parts controlled from under the base.
all the parts were kinda well scattered so it takes time before you can complete a whole area,
here Tomorrowland starting to take place with the Space mountain and Star tours ride building.
some of the parts are more rare and wanted on the net today, even though its super rare outside japan, you might be able to find parts on eBay ect.
The matterhorn parts are among the most popular for Disneyland scale model Collectors.
I try to get as many parts I can from the web because I got the first issues in Kinokuniya in Shinjuku and they don't care the magazine any more.
The magazine is not a big deal, its clear that Deagostini made these issues for the parts. 
Its typical only 10 pages with trivia and small stories from Walt Disney Imagineering (all in japanese) and about the animated features. 
Here is the casey Jr circus train and Big thunder mountain train, these carts are not moving, its only the Disneyland rail road thats motorised .

All the parts are made in resin and hand painted, there are many finishes such as water effects and metallic paints.

the first issues contained the centrepiece castle from the Disneypark, including transparent water base with swans and flags from the turrets. 
The partners statue with Walt and Mickey is Die cast metal and super heavy, this gives this particular part a very nice quality feeling,  
Moving on to the fantasyland parts, in my opinion these are the most cute and accurate in color and architecture.
The peter pan ride building and the teacups are adorable.

also take a Look at the storybook land monstro.
This is actually a great tribute to Mary Blair,  the Small world ride is super cute and kept in the precise style, and the ride even has interiors with dolls and water effect. 

The ride building top can be lifted off and shows the inside, its very simplified but still a great detail.
You can arrange the dolls yourself and the set includes 6 different dolls including Hawaii, Japan and Denmark.
when all Fantasyand comes together there's a wonderful world of colour, unfortunately I still haven't got the Dumbo ride yet, but it will be a great addition to the area.

In some of the first issues you also receive a blueprint of the model to keep track on everything position, its great to learn the position this way before you get to assemble the actual wooden base.

 Here's a little close-up on the storybook land with the palace of Agrabah and all the well arranged flowers, you can also find toad hall and the seven dwarf's cottage on the model, Just like in the park.
Moving along to the warm jungle, where the skippers always has cocky jokes ready for you, the junglecruise parts are just as great as the attraction.
Its reminding me a lot of Olszewskis Jungle cruise model, super rich on detal and texture.
In general i like that all parts are cast in resin, which makes them very heavy and firm

 I think the most told story about Disneylands main street and entrance might be the fire brigade house story.
Whenever Walt was in the park the lamp at the fire brigade house was lid so all castmembers knew he was there.
When Walt died, the lamp has been lid ever since to show that his spirit is in the park the day today.
this is of course also represented in the model
you simply lift the roof and, wow, there's a little red table with a lamp on it. amazing right.

 Well, more and more parts comes together and the Disneyland is rising slowly, main street, the Disneyland Rail-road station, and New Orleans square are now almost complete.

 Here is some of the Main street buildings that snaps wonderful together shaping the legendary American alley packed with shops and wonderful music.
 Another picture showing mainstreet on the blueprint.
Here comes the base parts with The matterhorn parts. 
 The base is wonderful and important, but its never fun to get a new Issue of the magazine and only get a wooden box for your collection. But the again, when you got them all, you feel that it was worth the wait. 
All the holes is for cables that are connected to a motherboard with all the LED light.

 The base-parts comes with small figures you can put in the park, I actually don't like those figures, the scale is all wrong and they really don't fit in.

The base goes together by 9 parts with small screws and this is an easy job.
Its super important though that this is done right because, the holes need to be super accurate to make it possibl3e to draw the cables from one box to another.
 When the base is done you're ready to install the light, But I haven't got those yet.

 I really like these Toon town backgrounds that slide behind the base and the model to create a horizon.
 Also the toontown begins to wake up.
 When the bases comes as well the parts will rise half an inch as well, right now this looks strange, but the final floor elevation will be just as small world next to Toon-town.

 Heres an example of the bases on the wodden lower base..

 Got the Boats for small world and Storybook voyage as well now.

 The hole in the middle is for the parade parts that's moving and is also connected to the same motherboard inside the base.

 I will make another update later with the last parts. stay tuned.


  1. This is incredible!! I've always wanted to try making a small model of a Disney park but have always been terrified to try but this just inspired me to try so thank you!

  2. I love you for making this exist.

  3. Do you know where I can find the jungle cruise section? I'm in the US.

  4. Thank you for posting about this specimen store. It looks huge, can’t imagine how much variety them must have. I’m glad that you finally got the opportunity to shop from here.