Saturday, December 6, 2014

Adding a 1/200 nautilus in the Tokyo disney Sea model of Mysterious island.

I just recently took up the Disney Sea mysterious island model again after the moving.
Its one of those projects i cant refuse not to complete so im kinda pushing myself to finish it. 

from here theres a lot of thing i have to do to complete the model before i start cover it on the blog, but one of the most iconic things might be the Nautilus.
For all who has been to Tokyo Disney sea, might know that the Nautilus is docked at mysterious island area in the center of the park.
First i considered buying a scale model on eBay or get a custom build one, but i took the tak upon my own shoulders and started sculpting one in super sculpey.
To my suprise it only took 15 minutes before i got a 1/200 scale Nautilus for my model.
This is only the top of the submarine, because its submerged into the lagoon and I already added so much water effect so it would not be possible to add a full model.

Its getting a quick paintjob and some rust-effect and  getting submerged into Vallejo water effect resin

after a few layers its fully covered and in place due to the light below in water. 

next step is the nautilus gift shop.
I made the dome from real glass and architect tape as the window lines. The dome will have 5 pillars as the one in the park and those might be 3D printet since they have a rather complicated construction. 


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