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2014 Toy blogging. Pictures from the Toy Attic. Disney, Sideshow ect

Well as I am close to My toys for a couple of Months before I start next semester In New York, I think I would take opportunity to go thtough some of my toys and make the long wantet reviews.
I've got bunches of New Toys since i stopped my toy-blog section because of so much work For Disney, but i think it might be time again to cover end even re-cover some of my favorite pieces.
It will be Sideshow, Hot toys, revoltech and grand jester Studios as a beginning.

Well my office has turned into more like a stockroom for my collection and my toys, I cant hardly work in here anymore and my desk here is slightly smaller than my desk in Japan, so its hard to sculp and draw.

As a start i thought i would take some pictures of my collection room to inspire myself.

well The Sideshow Disney Line is One of my favorites, as working on daily basis with the charaters and lines, I feel it very inspiring to have them close to me when drawing. 

The Evil queen is one of my most colorful pieces, she has some great shapes and great paitnwork
I think Chernabog is rarely more seen in peoples collections on the web, and I cant understand why, he's not major rare but super super cool. 

Merchandise from "James and the giant peach" is hard to find, But these Jun planning dolls are everything you need, there are 4 in the line, Grasshopper, Centipede, captain Jack skellington and a rare James that comes with an VHS tape. I also have them, but james is still in Japan. 

Lately I've been obsessed about Grand jester studios' busts, This Pumpkin'g jack is super nice, I gave the fountain some vallejo water effect because i thought it would be more nice with a glossy contrast to the grey characteristic Burton stones.
The WDCC Jacks house in the background, will hopefully soon be covered on my blog here, its a wonderful piece from Walt disney Classic collection, and it has a light up feature ;)

Kubrick and small Disney toys, some I have designed for Tokyo disney resort and lots of them are bought in London and Japan. There a good mix of McDonalds toys, medicom, hight end statues and Lego figures here. 

The two Medicom Jacks are so awesome and creamy, they're 1:1 scale to the original stop motion puppets and moves like a dream, they have metal skeleton and painted so well. 
Its in my mind, its the ultimate jacks you can find on the marked.
They are still aviable in several store in Japan such as revoltech in Akihabara and so on. 

This is a little weird display, because it startet as a frame for a flat screen tv, and Now its totally coveret.
The maleficent is my favorite Disney villain sho she got a nice place there.
many collectors would mean that this treatment to The LEGO 10179 Millenium falcon is a great shame.
its totally covered in lego boxes, and deserves a better place, But tell me dear readers, where, If you can tell me a spot here on these pictures, i will be happy to try. 

This is also just a stock-up moutain, the Creature is from Sideshows Universal monster line and is Massive. The Beatlejuice is bought in america and has some horrible features such as a very wrong high voice and head spin.
The artwork is concept art from Monsters Inc when construction "Ride and go seek" attraction In Tokyo Disneyland

Small passage way under the nautilus. 

This skeleton was my christmas present from my dad :D he need some paintwork and wash with several types of weathering before finished.

So heres my collection of Harry potter printet paperwork, Most of it is designed By the London company MiniLima who is two great designers workig together on all the Potter Films. 

More Disney, jessica rabbit is a statue from Disney showcase collection and this version is featured in one of the short Roger rabbit movies. 
The Disney Diorama is a Japanese magazine set that I will cover later on this blog.

My favorite Maleficent and Marvel Comiquette of scarlet witch.

Some of my Buzz Lightyear toys. From thinkway to Lego and Mcdonalds. 

Another Jessica Rabbit From Disneyana in Disneyland In anaheim, this statue is slighly different than the Sideshow one, Maybe i will do a cover of them both together. 

Sally here is from Electric tiki and the Busts are Grand jester studios. 
Rango is Hot toys and a must have figure in my opinion.

Loads of Revoltech kaiju line. Mothra and Gamera is great for display, and I thought of building a huge diorama for them so they could fight together, maybe against ultraman or something. 

above my desk I have this rocketeer Statue also from sideshow, He's been there for years because I love to look at the base, Its so classic and original, this time and period in design history is epic. 
A really nice piece.

I really hope you want to check this blog again, i can promise many toys will be covered in the near future, I'd be super happy if you subcribed as well.

If you spot anything in the pictures you really liked to see covered with detailed pictures, please tell my in the comments below. 

Thanks for Reading, 

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