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Tokyo Disney sea Mysterious Island Model. Part 1 + introduction. "Journey to the center of the earth" tack ride Model, scale imagineering. Tokyo Disney resorts' Mt prometheus Diorama

I have always wondered why Oriental land company and Walt Disney imageneering is so strict about showing the outside world whats going on in the tokyo Disney resort park.
Most concept art were realesed before the Park opened and not much came since.
There is so much nice stuff in the archives buts its very little i dare to leak here.

My obsession since forever is the great Volcano in the Middle of my favorite Disney park. and makes the center of my favorite spot in the entire world.
where I enjoy working most of all and spend most of my time when im visiting the park in the opening hours just here.

The Mysterious island, rarely seen from inside, and there is indeed many secrets inside. The entire structure and connection between Journey to the center of the earth and 20000 leages under the sea ride is fantastic, the blueprints, the special effects and all the wonderful concept art.

People out there is rarely making their own art and models of this place. I've seen hundreds of other Disneyland models such as Matterhorn or Splash moutain. And I think people would like to know and see more Disney sea concepts and models (due to forums i've visited.) from Disney sea.

So I want to cover up some models made of Tokyo Disney sea here in My introduction.

This is a concept model by Walt disney imagineering showing all seven seas in the park.
This model was on display for some limited time In The Park in Maihama Japan years ago, and a great scale model for further inspiration. 
Its highly detailed and its rare they show disney park models that includes show buildings and backstage areas.
The model can be taken apart in sections and the sigs are showing the different names of the areas such as Mysterious island and Port Discovery. 

The Huge Disney Sea scale Model on display In tokyo Disney sea at the 5 Years anniversary. 

There are also one other known model in a bigger Scale.
The Model of the Fortress exploration that was on display in One mans dream musum in MGM studios a long time ago.

This is a beautiful model showing a great piece of the park. And I dont think its on display anywhere anymore, but The disney sea park is a jewel within Imagineering. Its really a shame that there is not more stuff available yet.

This model was created by a japanese Twitter user @tds2001
its in a very very small scale and has an extreme amount of details in this scale.
(Look at the comparrixon to the CD case on the table)
One thing I really like about this model is that the Train system cobinates the park from american Waterfront and Port Discovery and Mysterious island very well.
Its a nice diorama that proves you dont need to create the entire park but can find huideline in model and scale building with things such as trantracks or waterlines. 
Very well done.

Heres another Model createt by a japanese called Kiiki

Same model as above but completed wirt lots of small lights and water effcts.
The volcano also lights up and you can study the Mysterious island part from this view. 

Heres another one focussing more on one specific area.
Its slightly bigger and with more details, such as the entrance to 20000 leagues under the sea and the Nautilus Gift shop building.
the grey construction on the botton under the bricked wall is the 20000 leagues under the sea Ride building. facing the backstage harbor area where the boats are resting between shows in the park.
Procces shot, made in some king of foam that makes it light and easy to paint and handle.

Heres a full view of the model.
I like the black effect on the top of the Mount prometheus and the framing with the bottom plate.

Also on the Merchandise Part theres very little to find about Mt prometheus and Disney sea Mysterious island. 
But at the 25th annivesary, In japanese convinient store you could buy beverages like soda or water with a figure part attached to it as a present. 
This series featured all of the Disney sea Parts so you could build and collect the entire park.

Here's someone who took it to the next step,
 and injected Japanese Fizzing Candy into the volcano and made it errupt.
 Kudos for that.
The thing he wanted to point out is "IF" the Mount Prometheus was a real volcano and would actually errupt, what would be Detroyed in Disney sea, clearly, The Fortress exploration area doesn't stand a chance.

well of couse the Disney Imagineering made plenty of models before starting the work of the Disney sea park.
Here's an old photo from before the park opened, showing Betsy Mitsunaga working on the Caldera Rockwork of the Mysterious island area.
The two guys standing in the front of the picture is standig in The 20000 leagues under the sea Ride  show building part, and Betsy Mitsunaga in the opening that later will become the way to mermaid lagoon. 


So I've been walking around with the feeling of building my own Mysterious island Disney ea model for a lonf time, tried at the time at the bureuo once with clay and architect meterials.
But it think its the time now with some holliday and time, to finally go to this project.
Stariting to make the base to the inside the caldera of the Mountain with the blue reconizeable strcture elevated above the water level.

The base with some bottom structure on thats later gonna be water on mysterious island.


Structure details from under the park elevation.

Base with Show/ride building of the Journey to the center of the earth.
You can spot the first level of track stystem of this ride on the elevation here.

and the bottom level that includes the subtarranian sea and the Lava monster.

Building from below, here' is tranparrent thick plastic getting attached so we later can add still water effect and lights coming up from below the water (fx arounf the Nautilus Subamarine)

Rubber tube is cuttet and painted gold to add effect around the blue structue and Clay to start forming the lower caldera (+ giving ballast to the model)

The Top of the Tunnel towatds Arabian Coast and Mermaid lagoon is paintet and the exit from the 20000 leauges under the sea is added. 

This is the middle level of the Ride system of JOurney to the center of the earth. 
This is where you enter the queue area and Tearravators (the elevators that takes you (up) to the base station so you can load the vehicles. )

Much more Caldera is added in foam and different materials, also lots of gypsum is added to give hard lava effect and different types of clay (oil based clay/super Sculpey/milliput) is used to make rock structures for both inside the ride and the water level Stones.

Mixing gypsum

Adding gypsum above 20000 leagues under the Sea ride.

here am A experimenting whats working best for me with paint and rockwork effects.

The assembled showbuilding aside of the Volcano caldera.
You can spot parts of the Mushroom forest on the 1st level here.

first coat of blue paint of the water. 

2nd level Terravators exits to the load area. 

Beginnin to form the inside caldera volcano.

Mushroom forest track, before adding the track system and effects
You can also see the queue area and the tunnel system that lead to and from Port Discovery.

Starting to building up with a rather cheap structure of barbecue sticks from 100 Yen shop.

Taking shape of Disney sea Volcano.

Lots of foam and Materials, is added in layers like real volcanos.

Gypsum mixed with fine sand and paint, to make other effects.

Carving out the hole on the side where "Journey to The center of the earth" vehicles will come out after the encounter of the Lava monster and also carvingout the top to make place for the special "effect platform"

Outside, giving the whole thing a good coat of different effectsm such as spices, sand moss and airbrushing. 
i Think i will add the Fortress exploration later, and maybe carve out the 20000 leuages ride building If I can get the Blueprints. Id like to add one more ride apart from Journey to The center of the earth, which is my favorite and my main straight reason to create this model in the first time.
Tell me what you think. 

This is the end of part 1 of this project.
I will soon continue writing further about this Disney sea Monument.

I really hope you enjoy, tell me what you think in comments, or subscripe for much more Disney.

Thanks a lot.


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