Saturday, March 8, 2014

Disney Sea Center Of The Earth Ride building plan + unload platform blueprint.

I've been struggling over My Disney Sea 's Jourey to the Center of the earth attraction Model for a long time now.
i've been to the ride building lots of times and have blueprints and overall artwork for the Interior of the ride.

But I can't find any 3D plans anywhere in either databases or internet.
I was a little confused about some ancles inside this wonderful building so i decided to make some fast scetches of all the levels after the blueprints and reference photos i took once in there with the lights on.

Disney Sea Journey to the Center of the earth ride plan drawn from blueprints by Emil Sixh.

People who constructet this ride will notice there is lots of details that isn't in order to the real construction such as the Terravator Lobby, the roof slope and so on.

I'd really like to have more of these Side view blueprints of the scenery and ride system. especially the Track decoration and elevation. 
If Theres anybody out there collection old blueprints, please inform me about what you have. I'd really like to collect more than i already have.


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