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Japans Tokyo Disney Sea, area Christmas tree's (+ area spicific Decoration ) 2013

This year at Tokyo disney sea all seven ports had their own traditional christmas tree.
This is a little coverage of the cool trees and the areas around christmas in the worlds ost beloved and detailed park.

Tokyo disney sea consists of not only seven seas, but also seven ports of calls, all seven ports celebrates their own version of christmas and shows their own kind of christmas decoration and I will show you a little piece of it.

The map here above is a speciel small Christmas tree map of the seven trees. 
It is printed in the map folder but only limited for christmas at Tokyo Disney resort.

In the area called American waterfront, under the railway you can find these beautiful designed posters of all 7 ports christmas spirits. 
I unfortunately only miss the poster from american waterfron and "old cape cod" area tree.

The first poster above here is a italien greeting from Mickey himself in his Mediterranean harbor at the Tokyo Disney sea entrance. 
In front of the Italian Miracosta hotel the first thee is towering up in the Disney sea Park.
Decorated in golden and red colors this tree is simple, stylish and traditional. 

Moving on deeper into the park, we reach the mysterious island with nautilus docked at the feet of the erupting volcano Mt prometheus.
Im sure captain Nemo brougt all these crystals back from one of his journeys to the center of the earth, and capsuled them into the cone. 

This Mysterious island christmas tree is almost steampunk ish, with the Nemo sighs at the top, the classic disney characters at north, south, east and west and the classic marine colors.
The beatiully aranged aquamarine crystal tree cone lights up like the crystal cave at night so you don't have to decorate it further.
Jules Vernes would be proud to see this tree at his mysterious island. 

Apart from this tree, the lamppost are also decorated with banners with Pluto and Goofy who is this years characters for this area,

The mysterious island is almost kept in very few colors, the aquamarine and gold colors are broken by the simple red banner, and becomes really noble even though i dont really think the Red color fit in the overall design of the mysterious island.

Next is Arabian Coast, the Genie has done some magic and transformed the fountain into a huge golden christmas tree.
Alladins lamp is on top and shines and twinkles in the Arabian night to warm tunes and magic lights coming from the water beneath. 

Ariel also wants everybody underwater to have a merry christmas and collected stuff from both Atlantica and the world above the waves.
With all her effort she decorated a beautifyl coral and makes a tree as close as she can get and brings christmas to Mermaid Lagoon
With pearls and starfishes this Disney sea christmas tree shines in front of the entrance to Atlantica and also contains a hidden Mickey. 
At night its really cute, the coral are truly beautiful and the concept are original and very well designed. 

This is the Mermaid lagoon Lamppost decoration, with ariel and her coral tree artwork.
This is far the cutest lapmppost this year, but the colors are not that christmas-ish though.

Port discovery has a really nice and simple tree to show. 
In front of aquatopia this tree is iluminating the area and all discovering spirits. 

At Daytime
I really like the idea that the snowflake also are a compass and guides you to new adventures in the park. there are many different Snowflake designs and if you look closely you'd be able to find a lot of funny small details on these threes. 

At nighttime the tree lights up just as beautiful as the rest of port discovery and Aquatopia. 

"Feliz Navidad"..., or Merry christmas, from Daisy and Donald Duck, they decorated their own "three" in a real lost river delta spirit.

This tree is containing all kind of gear from the jungle, and all stuff the camp can do without.
Even Daisy and Donald is hanged up on the tree.

The lost river delta decoration. 

Personally I really like this banner at Lost river delta this year. the colors and the bow are great and really matching. 

The last Area christmas tree is old cape cod's tree in Duffys town.

Unfortunately this is not the Old cap Cod poster, but a Special christmas poster posted at the same place as all the other area banners. 

The duffy snowman makes good company for the Mickey Mouse sailor statue at Old cap cod.

There is one last special HUGE tree at American Waterfront.
In front of Tower of Terror and SS Columbia this huge tree is piercing the clouds and shines and glittering all night long with its enormous decoration pieces and tons of toys beneath it. 
All the Disney characters are surely waiting to celebrate christmas here all United. 

I hope you all had a very Merry christmas everyone, and tell me if you saw these christmas trees at Disney Sea yourself this year and what you think.


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