Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fuji Q highland Newyear Trip ~富士急ハイランド~

So, you have to wake up Early if you want to visit the most faimous rollercoaster park in all Japan. 
Fuji Q highland
despite the insanely biting cold weather we all went here with great theme park spirit.
Me and Saiko, met Miwayama, Miki and Yui at the park in Fujiyoshida after what felt of hours of train rides, with local trains, before we could even spot Mt fuji.

Though it was cold and early, it turned out to be a very good choice of day.
There was almost no people, and top-cosaters as "Fujiyama" had only 15 minutes waiting time!!

This was my first time In FujiQ and I have really been looking forward to it, To try some of the worlds wildest costers, such as dodonpa which accelerates  from 0 to 177 km/h in 0,3 seconds and stil had the record as the 4th fastest roller coaster in the world.
My debut in dodonpa was awesome, I cannot describe how crazy this ride is and How much you feel you only got very few seconds left of your life. 

At the station in Tokyo, we rested with lot of freshmade onigiris before boarding the train to Yamanashi.

Yui's son Rensen was so happy because he was able to visit "Thomas and friends" land and ride Percy and Thomas in a mini coaster area.

photo. M Joester
Miwa, Rensen and Yui in front of the Dodonpa Rollercoaster.
This track is so massive and noisy, because they use a huge amount of compressed air when launching.

photo. M Joester
Its hard to not be allowed acces to the ice skating area when you are just 2 years old and haven't brought skates, so we needed immediately distraction including food and tales that we had to Visit Gegege No Kitaro's house.

Theres many stange thing in FujiQ highland. 
such as character museum, but this one was acyually vey cool.
An entire area regarding only Neon genesis evangelion, scenes ad 1:1 robots and characters was put on display in a massive building with never ending corridors themed with spirit from the Anime.

Saiko, Miwa and Miki is playing and shooting and I think the felt more home than they acyually would admit themself. 

So Kitaros House was the biggest disapointment.
Its was supposed to be a ghosthouse with Mizukis themed universe of yokai and spirits. 
Ive been to the Kitaro cafe and the Mizuki museum also, and though this might be like it. 
It was so poor I cant describe it, theres no chacaters, drawings, props or figures of any kind inside.
But You are guided into what looks like and old school japanese classroom from a local school apporoxmately 60 years ago, the light goes off, and you hear some voice play between what i guessed was Sunake-Baba, Kitarou and Neko musume.
If your foreinger and dont speak japanese you have NO reason to enter this. 
...and if you Do, the conversation is lame, boring and without humor.
It leaves you with an emty and dispointed feeling when you walk out, in a almost raped giftshop, with yokai hankerchief and truph cards.
If you Like Kitaro and Shigeru Mizukis universe, visit the Kitarou cafe in Chofu instead. You'd Love it.

konaki Jiji is Poiting AWAY from this attration and to the coasters instead. 

Kids are strong when going to themeparks, they fight the tiredness all to the Dusk. 
and Im sorry I didnt take more pictures, but Fuji Q has some nice rides, but its really a misk-mask of stange Commercial goods and licenses. they should hire an environment designer. 
but we love it.
Thanks for a very nice day, and Happy newyear.

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