Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Parade 2013. 東京ディズニーランドクリスマスパレード。

As promised, heres some shots from the tokyo disneyland christmas parade 2013.
The parade stops in several spots on the tour throughout the park, and thats where I made a videoclip as you see below.
Here you can see some of the choreography and costumes for all some of the dancers in the parade show.
Pluto on a huge cake

Santas Helpers who is a huge part of the theme and decoration in Tokyo disneyland

Chip an dales gingerbread house. 

Moving christmas gingerbread. 

The Dancers, some has candy stibes and some in French macaroons design

Goofy is busy in the winter wonderland.

And many others are ready to help santa with all the work in his workshop!

and finally the video of the stopped sequence where you can see and listen to the music and choreography.

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Hope you enjoy.


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