Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tokyo DIsneyland Christmas Decorations part two. Critter country, Adventureland + more

Hello everyone, A lot is still going on in Tokyo Disney resort here in this christmas time.
I would like to follow up on my last blog with more Pictures of this years christmas decos in the Resort. 
Ofcourse as you can see above, The "Its a small world" ride has morphed into the christmas spirit as usual.

The critter country sign also got a christmas makeover.
If Go to the park, see if you can spot the Hidden Mickey here. 

All around the Disney park is a lot of huge figures and dioramas has risen, In Critter country this huge Toy story -Woody and Jessie- diorama was put up and replaced the halloween decorations. 
Also another very nice change s the Country bear jamboree that has turned into Season greetings show. 
very Christmas'sy and jolly and I actually like the version much better than the Vacation version. 

The entering waiting area has become a nice christmas home where the bears can celebrate the cold holidays.
And heres a few pictures from the country bear theater in christmas edition.
The main orchestra above.

And all bears on stage
The final message wishes all guests in Tokyo Disneyland a Very Merry christmas,
and even Happy newyear.

The faimous exit hallway with all the country bear doors has all got socks for christmas. 

 *Adventureland *
Even the Swiss family Robinson treehouse has a small (very simple) christmas tree in one of their rooms.
Decorated with shells and other stuff from the beach. 

This is one of mine favorites this year, The popcorn bucked as snowglobe. 
The design of the bucket is our normal snowman styleguide, but the snowglobe top is so awesome. 
it has small white ball inside as snow and is really cute.

My most favorite decoration in adventure land is these totempoles, and the christmas Stitch. 
The japanese audience love Stitch and he becomes more and more the icon of Tokyo Disney lands adventureland. The tiki room is hosting a Stich musical "aloha e komo mai" and more and more designs such as adventureland t-shirts and popcorn buckets are featuring Stitch as main chararter.

All the totem poles got christmas hats, its so awesome. 

And Stitch even got a santa beard, maybe he is gonna deliver all the presents at Christmas eve in his red spaceship this year.

I am absolutely crazy with these candy christmas trees in the confectionary at the world bazar.
Well that was all for now and from Tokyo Disney land. 
Next time I will cover the Christamas parade, so stay tuned. 


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