Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tokyo DisneyLand Christmas decoration 2013 Entrance area and World bazar !

Halloween is over and the night after Halloween night, Maihama at Tokyo bay in Chiba becomes loaded with spirit and trucks. 
1000 and 1000 of pieces of Christmas ornaments, big boxes containing huge figures and figurines for Christmas decoration arrives and get ready!

Disneyland is becoming even more magical at this romantic time and even though japan is Getting really cold, lots of people are coming to Maihama to see and feel the Disney christmas ! 

This year various designs are decorating disneyland in november and december.
When The hauted mansion startet already in november, guests and cast were already feeling a little touch og a twisted Tim burton christmas at the Halloween period. 
But now, whats worth doing is worth overdoing.
The Entrance area at Tokyo Disneyland is ofcouse hosting Mickey And Minnie, At this christmas time, They are snowfigures rolled up by Santas little Helpers. 
All three characters are main components in this years Christmas decor.
The Santa helpers are basically main characters in the Christmas Parade and the Mickey and Minnie snowman design is continuous used in much of this years christmas Merchandise. 
The Minnie snowman is really cute even though the coat looks different og the early design concept art. The cheeks looks a little strange, and minnie seems a little tight around her head, But it is a cold time so she better be well dressed up. 

The santas helpers are really cute, usully i think pixies and gnomes are even scary or just plain ugly. 
But i Prefer this design, theyre old school and very Disney Retro.

Here is one of the small disneyland christmas threes in the entrance area. 
Take a look at the very cute figure of Minnie at the top.
The design for the Pillar banner contains another Micky Minnie Design as nutcrackers and gears from santas Factory.

All in all a very nice simple design for main gate at Tokyo Disneyland.

Lets move on to the world bazar. 
As all good christmas decoration, A HUGE christmas three is a need. 
This one lights bright up and is really well decorated. 

All the ornaments is in warm colors and its standing outside, so i think thats a good way to make guests feel a little warmer.
You can go so close to the three that you can actually reach it, a nice spot for resting or just taking pictures.
The presents under the three and more nutcrackers !

In front of the castle, this huge desoration replaced the Halloween one. 
Its Santas factory with a lot of santas little helpers from before and all the well know characters are of course helping santa making toys.

Pluto has an akward smile while helping making toys,
I am super exited about this crazy design for a gate to the cinderella castle area.
It has a touch of nightmare before christmas tops and a lot of candy canes. very nice and oldschool disney. Almost a little europian . 
another shot of the tower with the awesome roof.

Santas helpers.

House and architecture decorations.
Lots of lots of Red bows replaced the orange one from halloween.
This picture is from World Bazar also.

Heres another banner design for inside the actual park. 
The design is very humble in colors and does not attack your eyes, but it match the flowers and herbotological decorations very very well. 

And at night all lights up, very magical. 
If you have time this year, be sure to hit Tokyo Disneyland before Christmas is over.
Theres a lot of very good shows special offers and decorations to see. 

I will do as many blogs about Tokyo Disney resort this season as I can manage and try to cover all areas.
I also want to cover all parades, shows and restaurents in the christmas time, so stay tuned.
there is much more Disney magic on its way.


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