Monday, November 11, 2013

London Playlounge Toy, artwork, Vinyl toys store recommendation

I visited london Last year and wanted to review every single toys store in London, A little while back i wrote some review of some of my favorite places to buy toys In central London.
I totally forgot to cover Playlounge in beak street, which is the store I used to came to most.
The storefront is iluminated at nigth, and looks super cool,

Playlounge gives a good palette of vinyl urban toys such as kidrobot kubrick, bearbrick ect.
When my favorite Japanese brand Jun Planning was still producing the good stuff, This place was where to buy (Before i moved to japan).

Jun planning made the best and most accurate Nightmare before Christmas toys ever, and it was so cheap (within asia).

So I took some pictures in this lovely store and wantet to show them and tell all toy-lovers and collectors to visit this little pearl..

Moomin Merchandise and some other japanese import toys.

Playlounge also sell the best and coolest urban prints, so if you like super cool pop art, I bet you can find a nice poster or print here. 
As you can see on th picture above, Playlounge also have a lot of Uglydolls. 

The left wall in the shop is the best touch, the entire system is made of plexiglass and looks super nice and spacy. 
A very nice interior to a urban toy store like playlounge 

If you like to shop in Playlounge yourself, Its right down regent stree in london, make one left turn down on beak street, and its right there. Super convinient and central 

19 Beak Street
London W1F 9RF

Happy shopping


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