Monday, October 28, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Report #1 東京ディズニーランドハロウィーン2013

Halloween Has really begun and Disneyland is no exuse ! actually our dear park is the only occasion I want to dress up for. 

Me In this years "Tokyo Disneyland Halloween costume", The Mad Hatter !

I go to the park twice a week, and no time of the year is better to enjoy guest and costumes than spooky Halloween 

And Me as Mad Hatter riding the famous Alice in wonderland- tea cups-ride in Fantasyland of course !  

The disney castle with 30'years decoration

Other Alice in wonderland cosplayers. 

jack and a very creative Zero costume from The Nightmare before Christmas !!

Happy Halloween from Assim, Shaban, Me (Hatter) Aladdin and Jasmin.
Assim and Shaban is super rare cosplays, since they are from the 3D lamp theater attrcation in Disney Sea. 
Super cool two pairs. 

Until Halloween and after,  I will Post a lot more photos from The park in Tokyo.
So i hope you will stay tuned for more Disney and halloween pictures 2013 ?! 


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