Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween day 3. Blue Bayou Tea Time!

In all well planned Unbirthdays, a whole pot of Tea is an inevitable ingredient.
And when the queens banquet hall has 3 hours of waiting time, why not pick our favorite spot in the Blue bayou and have a wonderful 30 years anniversary 3 course meal aside all of them who dare to enter Davy Jones cave ! 

For those who dont know Blue Bayou in Disneyland, its a Restaurent located in Adventureland next to The pirates of the Carribean Ride. 
when you ride "Pirates" you actually sails into the rastautent in the dark atmosphere of a silent and dark Bayou swamp, with fireflies and sounds of crickets and a silent drowsy banjo tune. 
And we sat just next to the water and all the boats, and everyone one who rode the boats was wavig at us ! So had to raise our teacups everytime and cheer, therefore we ended drinking 3 pots of tea each, because of all the guests. haha
Alice Having dessert and Tea at the Blue bayou In tokyo disneysea.

hatter can only think of tea of course. 

 And ofcourse we also had to say HI, to the hatter made of stone in Fabtasyland. 
I think he looks silly.

3 cups of tea? h must be mad, mad as a hatter. 
I really love this stutue, 

Happy Halloween everyone.
Please tell me if you went to Disneyland in tokyo this Halloween and what you think ^_^

h. Emiru

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