Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2013 Report #2 World bazar! 東京ディズニーランドハロウィーン2013

So today we had some few drops of rain in Tokyo But that just mean when people get more together under the roofs of The Great World Bazar In Tokyo Disneyland !
A great oportunity to once again morph together with the Mad hatter and go look at all the nice 
cosplays in this wonderful world of Disney in the
 center of Japan.

Time for tea! these home made oversized teacups were amazing, matching the design from the ride in Fantasyland and with hard transparent liquid inside. 

Disneyland In halloween is overdosed with awesome princess costumes, huge and elengant.
No doub the term "princess" never gets old.
Here has Saiko (alice) met a very kind Belle and Rapunzel!

The group pictures with all the princesses are so cool, so many colors and fabrics at once~~!

Here are some of the more Rare cosplays, Tuck and Roll The Hungarian twin pill bugs from Pixars A bugs life. 
ofcourse with the BIg bad wolf.

Tuck and Roll with Alice and Me ~! 

And here I am with one of my absolute favorite charaters, Clopin from the Bells of Notre dame ! 

And The Evil queen from Snow white, in two stages, The Queen and the witch.
Awesome cosplay pair for Disney Halloween !

Evil queen is ruling the World Bazar In tokyo disneyland this year. 

The hare is waiting for another mad Teaparty! 

No halloween without Jack skellignton.

Also some small Jedi's can't escape Mad hatter in Disneyland.

Then The these two cute girls wantet to take pictures with Saiko and me :D
and soon to come Tweedledee and Tweedledum !

And Now A time for another cup of tea in the mad tea party garden of Tokyo Disneyland halloween week 2013.

Stay tuned for a lot more coverage of this wonderful time of the year In Japan. 
Tokyo Disneyland, The happiest place on earth!
Happy Halloween! 


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