Sunday, October 20, 2013

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Tokyo, Odaiba.

Tokyo has it all and within said,  LEGOLAND has not been overseen.
The new area in Tokyo, The Odaiba islands had tons of megaconstruction and attraction that has only yet to be discovered for both tourists and people who lives in Japan.

In general the "mapping" of this legoland is pretty straight forward, It has a strange rather Huge lab/factory area that gives very few informations about fabricating and handling lego bricks consedering the size of the area.  
Moving on, comes the main (most interesting) area, The "Miniland"
 As in all other legoland the Miniland is the most intereting part. faimous buildings and enviroments builded in lego. Here the theme is ONLY Tokyo.

The huge Shibuya Crosswalk

Ginza, Tokyo-Tower  and Shinjuku are all mixed

Asakusa Temple 

Tokyo big sight (also odaiba)

The Rainbow bridge from the two baysides, and which you also rides if you go from tokyo to Odaiba By train.

 The entrance to the 4D cinema. 

The Sumo arena

Harajuku/yoyogi Meiji Jingu entrance

Asakusa by night, The light in the miniland room changes in a 24 hours circle.

This is so beautiful. I might think this is actually more cool than the actual Tokyo Tower ! 

The last part is a kinda attraction/building area. with a couples of Mcdonalds rides and some playground with soft floor and lego bricks. 
I admit this lego land is best for children, I was super dissapointed, I am u HUGE kid, and LOVES lego. but it reminded me too much of a huge playgroun in a fastfood restaurent. 
The Miniland though is amazing, I spend two hours in that room taking pictures filming and looking at building techniques.

Theres of course a shop, which has a really well assortemnt of the good lines and boxes.

With kids this is an awesome place to spend a sunday theres so much building and fun for kids.
as adult lego fan and builder, The Miniland would be the main thing to see. 
But the entrance is cheap so don't miss it :)


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