Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5/18(Sat)VAMPIRE GARDEN @ Decabar Shinjuku~

The saturday we also held Lulu and Moi's Birthday, Just a few people in a better Izakaya!
some of us were going to Vampire garden, Maya's and Vampire familys' monthly event in Decabar. so we choose a izakaya Just below Christon cafe in shinjuku.
Remiko, Me, Yoko, Sarah and Lucy(Lulu) !

Yoko bought us the best cake ever and the service here was redeemingly nice in contrast to the day before.

Remiko and M.K.Shiro

Vampire doll Kumika and MK shiro

Vampire garden is always such a nice event, lots of goth lots of fangs lol

I really don't care about club music, But at this event i think Its always a little better and less noisy, I dont know, Maybe its just because i like the vampire theme.

here I also tried to record a small video.
something id' like to do more at events instaed of just pictures. 
its great memories and I think its fun media to play with.

Thanks for looking :)

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