Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tokyo Decadance Special Battle ! @shinjuku Christon Cafe

The Monthly Tokyo Club kid event Tokyo Decadance was tis time hold in Christon Cafe after 4 months break from this place during to Black Decance@Shibuya kyōmachi koishigure and White Decadance @Shibuya Shower Lounge plus!

Christon cafe is an awesome place to party, so much space and the best interior ! 
The Theme was "special battle", a mix of Kaiju (monster) and hero theme with several DJ battles on the big dancefloor! Super super strange and the Department H monsters came to the battle and people wo wanted to solve the dresscode dressed up as the most crazy monsters, spacemarine or Dragon Ball characters. 

G-Sus, Me, Lily and Mathieu

Me and My friend wax, obviously super drunk  !

And the Strange Kaiju monsters that always shows up
 at Department H as well

Miss. Coco and Kappa

A super fun night with a lot of laugh ! 

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