Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday weekend !

Me and My friend Lulu found out that we shared almost the same birthday, -she the 18, -and me the 17th of may.
And what is more obvious than making a birthday weekend then. 

It was super much fun, we invited a lot of of common friends to a cheap Izakaya In shinjuku just to have beers and beef!

The service was so incredibly bad, there was this indian guy serving us, he didnt speak japanese and refused to speak english when we tried that! 
He looked at us everytime he came like we had threw up in his face. 
super rude. 

I recorded a small video of our 1/2 birthday party from friday night. 
I hope you enjoys it haha--
and lulu tries to beat his ass and make a huge complain at the counter xD 

Its super Random and strange haha

have a wonderful weekend :)


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