Sunday, April 28, 2013

国立科学博物館, Tokyo National Museum of Nature and Science!

Best museum ever.
I really like their Dino-exhibitions, its really recomendable if you need to kill some time in Ueno.
I went here the other day with a friend, we wanted to go the zoo but it started raining. 
The entrance is about 600 yen and theres a lot to see here, from the ealiest jurasic time to industralism and the beginning og neo-science.
I guess the T-rex sceleton will always be the main atrraction xD

I never really figured out if these props are replicas or actual sceletons. 
I was told by my friend its a mix, but its still so awesome !!

So many fossils and petrifications of jurrasic animals !!!

Have you ever been to Kokuritsu Kagaku? 
and tell me, apart from the dino, what did you like here :)


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