Monday, March 25, 2013

Aqua forest, Tokyo, Shinjuku Aquarium store.

Heres a little Photo-safari from Aqua Forest In shinjuku.
I have for a long time been pretty upset by the works of Takashi Amano and the use of CO2 defusers in plantet tanks. 
Aqua forest is a wonderful store and the far best In Tokyo for aquarium gear.
Its highly recomended to go shop here for plants to miniature tanks like below.
They have a wonderful selection of tropical fish, frogs, shrimps and bettas, also the far best selection I know of.
white sand gives a great reef effect

Aqua Forest interior 

Very cute and small environments. 

this is my favorite of their Plantet tank, a true ADA masterpiece.

The store is located in Subnade under Shinjuku 3 chome. 
From the East exit go to shinjuku 3 chome, and into The subnade at B1 (near MUJI) , you'll find the store in the end. 


This is the website

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