Friday, February 22, 2013

new In store. Disneystore ZURG and monsters Inc Boo doll.


Latest s products from pixar in the Disneystore worlwide is The scale Zurg figure and Boo doll from Monsters inc.

try me (sticker can be removed)

Zurg pointing his gun at his enemy Buzz Lightyear.

He speak 14 different phrases and is fully articulated in neck, waist and arms. 

Light up eyes and mouth function and lights up when talking.

Disney Store ZURG with Buzzlightyear from thinkway toys

Zurg's been one of my favorite Pixar villaisn for a long time, and I was so happy to get this piece at last for the Think way collection.  Unfortunately this is Not a thinkway toy, but only made for european, Chinese and Japanese Disney store (and Online US store).

he's correctly scaled, and has light up mouth and eyes.
The ball shooter has no function though.

He fits pretty well in my Toy Story Collection and will make a great display when im going to collect all the final figures.

Boo is the cutest charater ever, and I have very few pieces from monsters inc which is also my absolute favorite pixar movie.

Boo can talk and say 10 phrases such as "KITTY", "La la la" and "Mike Wazowski" when you puch her bellybutton. 

A great toy for display, collectors and Kids.  Its really cute and she has a great voice. 
It doesn't seem to me its been directly recorded from the movie soundfile, so I think its really accurate. 

She stands 15" inches high and Comes with real fabric clothes and hair.  (eyes are not poseable)
Boo is not affrait of either monsters or Zurg from the cold space! 

Monsters Inc, Boo doll in box. 

Thats all from now, I hope to update mpre about news in the worldwide Disney Stores Soon~~
have a Magical Day.


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  1. Why is Boo so cute? >////< I loved her character in the movie and the doll is just too adorable!!!