Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yun Hee's Pango Christmas meetup!

Merry christmas everyone, This is MY post dedicated to the christmas spirit.
My friend Yun Hee and I hold a little christmas event to test whether breaded food is a good or bad thing, or at least how much food its possible to put into boiling oil with pango !

slightly inspired by an old danish comedy program called "ka' det paneres" where a chinese man test the exactly the same thing. we'd like to go all the way, and not only cook food, but also some of the most horrible things I know.
I know this is a bit strange, but that how we celebrate Christmas.

A video example of how he "cooks" Hipster mix very successfully.


Starters, Salmon and chicken meat.

Korean roots, mushrooms, and different cheeses. 
The Brie cheese was actually quite a success with a bit of jam on the top.


When coolking marchmellow santas in hot oil, it gats a strange cocoon of hard sugar and the center become melted wich gives an extremely disgusting consistence and experience.
DONT do it.

Here's my plate of HATE. 
barbies Little sister
Star wars, Clone wars candy
Porcelain dolls 
Moshi monsters

Yun hee, is preparing the pot for my experiments (-^□^-)

this reminds a bit of the Indiana jones Temple scene where this dude goes into the hot magma after he got taken his heart out of Mola Ram 

see how "Shelly's" legs melted and she became a mix of a limp-less mermaid and a sideshow freak. 

The cloth of the porcelain doll was removed Completely after 2 seconds in the hot oil.



  1. You never fail to have the most interesting blogs on my feed :D
    Happy new year dude!

    1. Haha, Thanks my friend :D
      I really appreciate that my readers got a good sense of humor :D

      Im a bit weird ya'know ;D
      happy new year ;)