Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New In: Nimbus 2001 replica. (+Firebolt and Nimbus 2000)

The last of the Three sisters arrived to the collection. 
I finally got the Nimbus 2001 replica from Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, I was rally tired of waiting to complete the set.
But it feels good now, to have all three, and they're now ready.......for storage,
Yeah, sounds kinda low, but they're just have to got stored until later.
I have no room for them ATM. 

but here is the set off all three Broomsticks.
Nimbus 2001 from noble Collection

with The Firebolt and Nimbus 2000 from Cinereplicas.
Its mainly produced in fiberglass, that makes it light and steal aluminum pedal/foothold-hangers that gives it a little gravity after all.

The Nimbus 2001 is a bit smaller than the two others, arcording to the movie sequence, I really doubt its screen accurate.

The sticks are made out of one piece of relatively thin plastic, and is SO horrible.
Compared to Cinereplicas' broomsticks which is made of real wood, Im highly disappointed to the quality, but I knew this long before I was ordering it.

The Handle print is pretty cool, says only nimbus 2001, and hey, BONUS a Trademark sign comes right after......

"The three broomsticks"

A horrible Broom to start a collection with, but amazing to finish it all up.
You can't live without it, but don't buy it as your first one, the Noble Collection quality checks sucks on their brooms.
Also their firebold is made of plastic, so choose Cinereplicas' versions is you want a really smooth Collectible.


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  1. I love your work, your creations are beautiful, your watercolor technique is impressive she is very smooth and not too loaded or insufisante you have a style to you.
    I have also a drawing blog if you want to see here at: http://chibifairies.blogspot.fr/