Sunday, January 20, 2013

Contemporary and forgotten details.

Two subjets comes up in my search for the perfect piece of art. 

Andy warhol is one of my absolute favorite artists. He has haunted me ever since i lived in London and experienced him at Tate modern and I wrote tons of Warhol material on the internet throughout the time. 

I went to see the new exhibition at museum of modern art with all Warhols' sketches  from he's early life before he in, art-historians' eyes, became "artist".

He worked in New york as commercial artist for newspapers and magazines such as new york times and Vogue before he got "the factory", and copied a lot of drawings from fashion front pages using carbon-paper in his private.
These drawing at the exhibition was extremely simple, and rather bad drawn.

The early Warhol era is just this special, that you can defend a whole exhibition with his ragged and wretched drawings.

This is probably one of my favorite Warhol sketches. 

Another strange thing coght my attensin at the museum.

The Anri Sala room.

Normally im not really in to music-installation-art.
but Anri Sala self playing drum was kinda exiting and Funny.
I tried to video record a short clip.


spinning gloves. 

from contemporary to recurring detail shortage~

My family consists of many modernist architects who worship the simple compositions in designs.
I grew up with expensive, but simple American and Danish design but nothing breaks my heart and passion more than to imagine how many details that disappeared in the last centuries. 
Church organ with gold plated carvings and Rubins!

I went with my friend Ryoko to a real renaissance Castle to recollect pictures for a upcoming tv show Im working at.
Got hundreds of pictures of reliefs, towers, spiers, columns but only gonna show you guys few~~
I thought it was funny to compare a few pictures of renaissance and rococo designs to Warhols simple sketches in this post.


Theres so many thing and details, and people often overlook the creativity and frugality that was the ideology when the artists and craftsmen created these artifacts and designs.

Look at this bed, as take out of Hogwarts. lol

Ryoko enjoy the winter View!

and the winter is perfect for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate right ?

what do YOU prefer doing when its cold outside ?
comment below. thanks :D <3

Thank you all for reading or looking.



  1. omg the drum part was funny and cool ! and i'd definitely go for a hot chocolate w/ mah dude! :D

  2. Thanks dude, Im happy you likes it :D