Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NaCl show'cooking, Arla-unika night out.

A short update from NaCl's event last week at 56 degrees.

My good friend Yun Hee and I went to one of NaCl's food experiment events together, and the Main theme was cheese, and I confess we did got a lot of Cheese, even Cheese goodie bags to bring home

Cheese horderves from Arla-Unika

The concept is simple, a culinary freelance playground, where the chefs has the opportunity to make the dishes just as they want and whatever they feel for.

The event took place in some old ammunition storage buildings where the army kept the gunpowder under second world war, pretty awesome place for dining events.  

Best Beer Menu is containing American Micro-brewery Alesmith !
The substans aside is bread, dark bread with so many awesome ingredients I cant even remember, 

 Brie is coming along too.

and of course the dessert, delicious as always, 
this is milky sorbet ice-cream with different flakes of super thin experimental breads and corn structures. 

Thanks, for watching, 


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