Thursday, October 11, 2012


Apparently hell is filled with chocolate.
Or so you feel when you entering The M&M store at Leicester square the first time.
The most horrible place that can beat any toys'R'us or discount market to the bottom.
The intense smell of chocolate and peanuts, kids screaming for chocolate, and loads' of fat people buying KILOS of chocolate coated peanuts.
FUCK this is revolting.
I confess i actually becomes slightly angry when I get these kinds of places, and I know theres another of these M6M megastores located at manhattan, I guess its even bigger! 
I dont want to dig up some offensive facts from the internet of how huge this hell is. BUT ITS HUGE:
5 levels, 5 frigging Levels !!!
OF M&M's !!!!!!!!!!!



So many different M&M's AND THEY ALL TASTED THE SAME !!!!

The store maneger thinks he's a big guy.
but having a company like this is pathetic. 

Looking deeper down in Hell

I bought this many M&M's and guess, It was only 5.99 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE NESTLE !!!!!!!!

M&M, you gotta be a sponsor for my blog before I remove this !!!! :-D


  1. That really is a hell because I hate M&M's XD I love chocolate but M&M's.....ewwwww!

    1. Youre SO right, Its the most boring chocolate ever!
      I could wish for like a "Jelly belly" store or something like that, but M&M's .¨


  2. Can we seriously go there together? I've always wanted to marry to a son of a chocolate factor's owner!
    Mr. Wonka!