Friday, October 12, 2012

Forbidden planet London!

Regarding my Toy Store reviews, this must be one of the most famous stores around the world.
"Forbidden planet" was original a sci-fi movie from 1956 starring Anne Francis and Walter Pidgeon and the cult classic robot "Robby the Robot" but someone later decided that this chain of cult movie stores in both America and England should be named after this fabulous Sci-fi adventure.

"Forbidden Planet entertainment Megastore" is located in central london. 10 minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus on Shaftesbury avenue 179, and offers a great spectra of cult movies, collectibles, vinyl toys, design and graphic books, and LOTS of comics.

I remember i used to come to this store SO often when I was a kid, and buy all kinds of figures and toys.
I was a hardcore collector even as a kid, and collected the earliest Lord of the Rings figures, Muppet show figures and Tim Burton Related toys.
So I thought i'd like to make a little review just because this store makes extremely nostalgic!

Forbidden Planet offers a great value of Sideshow, hot toys and gentle giant Figures, dolls and Busts, all from marvel and DC to Star wars and underground themes

Dr who figures

Hammer Films is in focus right now.

Harry Potter props from Noble collection!
go collect your Horcrux here. 

Iron man war machine from Hot Toys 

The Hallway of statues in forbidden planet in London

Spiderman, Lizardman bust

various Star Wars, Marvel, DC stuff

joker bust

Vinyl collectibles 

More vinyl toys from Kidrobot!

Forbidden Planet is a great place to find the most commercial toys and collectibles, and of course comics.
Unfortunately I have no pictures of the floor below, filled with comics and design books.
But thats actual the best deal.
If you like concept art and behind the scenes books, Forbidden planet is great place to look.

I hope you guys liked my little reportage from Forbidden planet London.
see you soon


  1. I think I could spend a great deal of time in this store. :)

    1. Yeah, especially in the graphic department. :)
      its a really cool store.

  2. I want David Tennent and Matt Smith! Iron Man as well! I'd like to go to toy stores with you again :D

    1. Ow, dude, Yeah would be great ^_^
      Ad to that Toymuseum in insadong :D

  3. How Much cost hufflepuff horcrux?