Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Warner brothers studio tour part 2

Well as promised I wanted to put up some more pictures from the studio tour, were only 50% on the way to the end, and this part shows the Interiors sets and exteriors sets. also including the special effects department with animatronics and at last the huge Diagon alley set !

The Hogwarts Headmaster Office

The Trophy room of Hogwarts.

Different props, The deluminator, the Philosophers stone, Slghorns hourglass, timeturner, golden snitch, remembrall and omnioculars!

The Ministry office of Umbridge 

The vanishing cabinet from the room of requirement.

A lot of the Hogwarts portraits were exhibited in the interior hallway.

The Room of requirement fillments, such as skeletons, old wands, gadgets and orreys.

a cabinet with Different broom-types. 

The different designs of the Deatheater masks.

The trunk barty crouch Jr used to capture Alastor moody in.

The Hallway with portraits


more potion ingredients for potion class. 

The cauldrons in the potion classroom set are all active!
Snape is teaching potion today.

Tranfiguration board, shows how certain spells works.

All kinds of old, lost or maybe confiscated wands. 

Towers of old books in the Room of requirement. 

The Burrow. 

The Special effects department.
Thestrals, phoenixes amd trolls are stoved in here.

demontors, with and without hood.
the Right one is a backpack that allows a actor to move around and act as dementor without using 100% CGI.
Hungarian Horntail head in scale 1/1.
pretty awesome.

Merpeople Animatronic head.

Extracted-Voldemort-horcrux from kings cross platform. 
and hedwig.

More puppets and props in the special effects department. 

Kreacher and the levitating Muglle studies teacher Charity Burbage from Malfoy Manor.

Mandrake animatronic prop.

Aunt marge suit from Chamber of secrets. 

Huge dementor.

Aragog, and the basilisk head

The basilisk while it was still guarding the chamber of secrets. 

The full Diagon  Alleys set

Potages Cauldron shop !

Olivanders wand shop

Mr Mulpepper's Apothecary

another shot of the storefront of Olivanders, look at the display in the window.

Wiseacre's Wizarding equipment.

Wiseacre's Wizarding equipment.

Florean Fortescue's Ice cream parlour

Flourish and blotts bookstore with a lot of Gilderoy lockhards book on display in the window.

Weasley's wizarding wheezes store showing the in-store doll with Puking pastilles.

Quidditch Supplies

Quidditch Supplies

The Magical menagerie 

The Magical menagerie 

Madam Malkins, Robes for all occasions. 

Exterior sets
The Potters house in Godrics hollow.

Privet drive in Surrey.

The Riddle Grave ! 

The Knightbus.

Thanks for once again, looking at my pictures. :) 


next time I will show the Graphics department created by MinaLima, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima! all Graphics used in the Movies such as Book covers, marauders map, flyers and paperprops.

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