Monday, September 17, 2012

Warner brothers studio tour part 1, The Great hall and Interior sets.

Well entering the Studio tour is like entering Hogwarts, I wont spoil anything so I let pictures speak for themselves, telling how to enter the exhibition is a shame, you have to go experience that for yourself.

how Quibblers are beeing made. 

Harrys first space at the Dursleys.
the cupboard under the stairs

Entering the Great Hall. 

The teachers of Hogwarts are welcoming you at the Great Hall.
Dumbledore in center behind the golden owl pult and accompanied by Professor McGonagal, Hagrid, Moody, Filch, Trelawney and Flitwick ! Welcome to Hogwarts

The Great Hall is almost emty, all Hogwarts students went to bed, 

Whitecard model of the Great hall before constructing the real model.

the hair and makeup department, with wigs for almost all characters. 

The leaky cauldron .

Gilderoy Lockhart's wardrobe, robes and shoes are ready for wearing.

another shot of the Leaky cauldron, which gave name to the famous wizard pup at Leadenhall market.

The dragon skeleton that decorates Defense against the dark arts classroom.

Gryffindor Boy's dormitory !

Different wands shows the individual design. 

The Mirror of Erised.
see if you can read the inscription above. 

The fat lady sings as the beginning of the secret passage way to Gryffindor Common room.

Solar Orrey, maybe from dumbledores office ?
Or the room of requirement.

Lots of stuff were hidden in The room of requirement, such as Alastor mooodys eye-telescopes plastic turkeys and golden skeletons.

The Hogwarts Clock tower pendulum. 

Gryffindor tower

Gryffindor Common room.

Gryffindoror Common room, and stairs to dormitories 

Different interior sets of hogwarts.

Tonks and Lupins costumes.

Skelegro bottle also hidden in the room of requiurement section.



  1. the pictures look so soo sooo damn cool >//<
    You are so lucky that you had the chance to go there!

    1. wow, thansk ^_^ Im happy to hear that <3
      You should really go, its a great experience ^_^ really interesting
      Love, Emiru

  2. The pictures look really nice! I agree with, Suseiki. You are really lucky to go there. I would love the chance to attend a tour as awesome as that! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ