Friday, September 14, 2012

Harry Potter studio Tour Merchandise shopping, Honeydukes Gambol and Japes and Weasley wizard wheezes

Well, visiting the Harry Potter studio tour was first and foremost work related, recreating and creating new boxes for merchandise for the Wizarding world of Harry Potter in Osaka, which is set to open late 2014 is the newest job our bureau.

So there I went, on a trip to the capital of Europe, London! 
visiting the Warner brothers studios to see as many details as I could to get and buy as much merchandise (for my own collection) as possible.

I was really exited about their merchandise shop, and feared It wound't fit my expectations cause i have'nt really seen any good pictures of that part of the tour before.
I took a couple of shots of the shop to make a short review and show you guy what the shop in Leavesden studios can offer of magical and beguiling goods.

Fizzing Whizzbeez chocolate from Honeydukes

Honeydukes Lollipos

The storefront @universal studios Leavesden 

Picking Weasleys wizard wheezes !
Extendable ears, Bombtastic Bombs and sneakoscope!

Bertie Botts every flavor beans, Chocolate frogs and Chocolate bard straight from Honeydukes.

Lots of Plushes from the magical menagerie, pygmy puffs, phoenixes and owls for sale here!

More candy from Honeydukes

Im SO satisfied with the range of products, all from Quaffles and bludgers to mint chocolate frogs and remembralls were to purchase in this magical place of wizarding goods.
Enjoy YOUR shopping, but remember to visit Gringotts before.


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