Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kaitenhyakume A3

I don't Know what happened to my style of drawing lately, But it keeps turning more and more bizarre and morbid despite that its not really the intention in the end,
Inspired by the japanese acting troop Kaitenhyakume and their actor/performer Akahimarko i felt portraying their style and doings all the time.

I think all my work For Maihama'A'a'G~ is a little too sweet, we've been drawing Monsters inc for the latest month and getting tokyo Disney land ready for some new features, and then when i paint in my spare-time, It kinda turns out to become really opposite than Disney themes.



  1. wow these are pretty intensely awesome!


  2. Chuy: Thanks, Im so happy you like it :)

    Jessica: Thanks you so much, im happy for your response :)