Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The EFX Nautilus is finally here!

One of my absolute most expensive collectibles arrived few weeks ago.
Captain Nemo's Submarine from 20000 leagues under the sea is a remarkable cult movie memorabilia and is know to almost anyone who knows old film history and disney history!

This submarine is even featured in most Disney Parks such as Euro disney, In tomorrowland close to Space mountain and Tokyo Disney Sea in the Mysterious Island area.

I could keep writing about this submarine and the history behind it for ages, its one of my absolute favorite icons from a Disney production, and now when it was announced, I couldn't wait to pre order it.
2 years later, this amazing Scaled prop replica is standing right here in my museum of Cult toys!

This is though only a teaser from the unwrapping, I will take my time to make a serious review on this item and take a lot of pictures of details to all Nautilus enthusiasts out there!

The back of the EFX Nautilus wheelhouse.
When turned on, the wheelhouse is illuminated with led lamps and all equipment becomes visible !

The Saloon lamps lights the underwater scenario up so Nemo can study the Marine world from inside his enormous nautilus submarine. 

20000 Leagues under the sea
Captain Nemos Nautilus
this is no 148 out of only 300 pieces worldwide.

The nautilus come of-course with full light up feature in both the wheelhouse and the saloon!

Captain nemos Nautilus saloon is fully furnished with jules verne inspired furniture just as in the movie.
This Model is extremely huge and bulky, and can be compared to the A4 nautilus book close to the model at the picture above.

I really hope you enjoyed this pre-review of The Disney Efx Nautilus Model !
I hope I will return with better pictures soon, so stay tuned if you like cult toys ! 


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