Tuesday, June 19, 2012

LEGO Monster Fighters 10228 haunted house review

Amazing, Just amazing. This is possible the best constructed LEGO set I've seen and played with.

I hope youre ready for the release of the LEGO Haunted mansion In the Monsters Fighters series!

Not because of the details, but also the style, a style that is unique to this new Line.
This set has the perfect victorian ghost house style I've never have predicted that Lego should produce, and Im still actually in a kinda shock mode, cause I thought is was against their policy to create something with this dark theme.

This solid Ghost House should become every collectors jewel in their collection of Monster Fighters AND The city Line.
A perfect piece of toy for a twisted mind and a City with an outstanding house to behold.

I have taken some quick pictures to show the Monster fighters Haunted mansion and give a quick review.
but I think you should see for yourselves and click the pictures 
Amazingly detailed, look how everything is "hanging" and is twisted to give the old look.

The back of the Haunted Hosue.
amazing structure of the bricks and cracked paint.

The Mansion Folded out.
with the ghosts at the top looking for souls to scare!

The Attic~
a fold out Ladder that makes you proceed to the attic where centuries of stuff has been hidden.

Amazing details at the Attic, Gramophones made of Lego Jungle hats repainted in a grey tone.
also the deer skull hanging over the bed is quite cool.
The house will come with the coolest Zombie cook who can work on a true zombie stew in the Kitchen below.

Great Set, LEGO 10228 is worth every cent and is a must for every LEGO AND universal Horror fan! 



  1. Awesome, how can I get it this summer?

  2. Its having its release this october, so I don't think you should expect to get it before. =)