Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer in Seoul zoo

lions, Tigers and elephants !
So many animals in the huge Seoul Zoo.

jeongie's mom ans aunt wanted to take us to seoul Grand park, so she picked us up really early in dongdaemun and we drove at the highway all the way to Seoul grand park.
It was soooo huge we didn't even reach the botanical garden area, and not even all the animals.

The insectarium was cool, a lot of insects and small beetles and frogs was in there.
Jeongies Aunt claimed that all the animals were fake cause they didn't move at all. haha
Roated squid at the entrance to Seoul grand park, SO delicius

Little Kid looking at animals in the insectarium

we even went to pet the kangaroos!!

Thanks for looking here ^^

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  1. I TOUCHED A KANGAROO OMG <3 It was so cute *0*
    I hope we can get to see the rest of Seoul Zoo soon! Esp the animal nursery! N'aaaaaaaaaw <3