Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sindorim technomart Replica model gallery store in Seoul

At 5th floor at Technomart gallery, just next to Joy Hobby, Replica gallery has its own store.
Its the only store I know so far having that much Hot Toys figures and Sideshow figures here in Seoul.

Also the Sci fi revoltech figures is very well represented In 
they have almost every single Tokosatsu Figure from Revoltech that I know.
Virines Showing products from American Sideshow Colectibles

Scales cars and Hot toys 1/6 figures

Revoltech Figures


Bruce lee and Dragon ball 1/6 figures

Revoltech exhibition.

different Gundam figures on display

Indiana Joens premium format, Sith bust and Bruce lee cinemaquettes. 
sideshow Collectibles.

Shrek statue and terminator premium format and Endo skeleton Bust

a various of Sideshow Collectibles figures, from Marvel and Lord of the rings


Once again, Im happy if you finds my Store review helpful.
Replica Model gallery is really worth a visit


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  1. Wow this is awesome. Is this the only Sindorim Techno Mart in Korea? Seoul?