Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sindorim Technomart Joy Hobby, Seoul

Sindorim Technomart has one floor that as worth a visit.
5th floor is consisted by a couple of hobby shops and one of them is Joy Hobby.

which might be the best place to find hobby articles in the metropolis of south Korea.
Hobby paint, Rc Cars, Military model and TONS of model kits. Mostly vehicles and ships, and a great value of spare parts for scaled models and maquettes.
If you're searching figures, Its not the place to buy yourself head over heels, but its funny for smaler kits and bobby articles.
They have some of the big stuff though, like spacecraft's maquettes and some 1/4 premium formats Anime figurines.
They are also kinda specialized in Gundam, like Hobby Lounge at seoul station.

Gundam custom made diorama.

Different japanese, Gundan, Figures at Joy Hobby seoul


Huge Gundam Figure guarding the store entrance

Outside the store, theres a couple of vitrines showing customers self made figures and mockups, kinda cool.
I like the AT-AT model at the Hoth inspired base.

All in all a cool store, especially for model kits.

I hope my Store coverage would be helpful in searching for hobby or figures store in Seoul.



  1. That looks flippin' epic, man! : D Glad you're having a good time! TAKE GOOD CARE OF EACH OTHER! I miss you guise T_T /crey. COME HOME SOON!