Sunday, April 8, 2012

Galleria Concos ~Seoul Toy blogging, Hobby square~

Well, everybody possibly know that the Capitals of Asia are splendid places for toys and figures.
Today Jeongie, Caspin and I went to Seoul Station to shop in Hobby square located at teh top floor at Galleria mall.

Caspin Looking at Pokemon figures at Hobby Square @ Seoul station

I bought a couple of figures here that im definitely gonna do reviews of later γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ
I think I will make another store cover up review, cause I ended up taking a million pictures.
The Had the most awesome lego department, and as I am a Huge lego fanatic, I of course increased my collection. 
After shopping, we ate at restaurant just beside the Toy store, and had a view over seoul station. very cool ε=ε=ε= ヾ(*~▽~)ノ

revoltech Figures at Hobby Square @ Seoul statioR

Various Anime character Figures, such as Hatsune miku and Black rock shooter at Hobby Square @ Seoul station

Mega Gundam figure at Hobby Square @ Seoul station

Delicious korean lunch at Galleria @ Seoul station 

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