Friday, April 6, 2012

인사동, 오래된 장난감 박물관 (토토 토이) “Seoul Insadong Toys and figures“ Part 2

as promised by calling another post "인사동, 오래된 장난감 박물관 (토토 토이) “Seoul Insadong Toys and figures“ Part 1" I have to make a part 2 obviously.
this is mostly just an expansion with more pictures from the seoul Insadong toy toto museum.
so many cult figures are on display, and you find almost any theme in here.
If you're in seoul and likes action figures, merchandise and props, this is the place no1 to visit.
So much retro toys that Im sure you would pay your right arm for if you were a collector.

neon genesis Evangelion and Jack Skellington

Medicom C3PO

Robocop, the Incredibles and thunderbird 1 

nazgul vs Spiderman


jeongie and caspin

Masked Rider, and Army of Darkness from McFarlane.

Edward scissorhans figure also fro medicom i think + moebus Frankenstein robot
 and lots of other retro robots

Lock and barrel from The nightmare before christmas


Toto Toys

Pokemon figures

Kermit the frog Jack in the Box

Godzilla Gloves(handpuppets)

Astro boy figure

The entrance to Insadong Toto Museum.

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  1. Sergeant Frog & C3PO<3
    Wonderful pictures!