Friday, April 6, 2012

인사동, 오래된 장난감 박물관 (토토 토이) “Seoul Insadong Toys and figures“ Part 1

Insadong contains many hip and trendy shopping malls and design stores, but if you want to get a little trip back in time, 5 or maybe 50 years, Insadong Toho Toy on second floor inside Ssamziegil cultural complex in Insadong, along Insadong-gil is worth a visit.
A toy era is on display all from planted swamp aquariums, Astro boy dolls, Godzilla and Gigan figures and old school japanese school uniforms are represented in this wonderful cave of wonders.
snow white early figurine

old chinese  and korean movie posters.

swamp planted tank

freddy kruger, wonder woman and spiderman

lots of Pokemons

Disney, dublo and McDonalds toys

a attemt to create a life sized darth maul figure or?

Cool korean Arnold Schwarzenegger poster,

era of military figures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pin ball machine

Planted tank

Planted tank

transformers and superman money bank

Wonder woman and astroboy posters and greeting cards 

Astro boy toys

Gojira and other Toho toys

Gigan and king ghidorah

lots of modelkits


Star wars lightsabers, king kong figures and lots of other toys

I hope you found this post helpful in search of pictures from inside Toho toy museum of Seoul.

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