Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Namdeamun market, King Sejong and Cheonggyecheon !

yesterday, JeongieCaspin and I went to namdaemun market and after that, Gwanghwamun, sejong-ro and visited the museum of the Creator of hangul, King Sejong! 
a cool exhibition with a lot of props and relics from the time where hangul rose.
ships in almost actual size from the wars againg the Japanese, and a wall filled with pop/comtemporary art regarding the letters/characters in hangul.

I wrote my name in Hangul and putted it up here at this wall. 

Hangul Calligraphy 

Korean Turtle ship!

The Gold statue og King Sejong.

The beginning of Cheonggyecheon ~
After visiting the Kyobo Book center, we walked all along Cheonggyecheon to Dongdaemun market area, and we went to doota once again! where i bought some bearbricks and kid robot toys in Kinki robot.


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