Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dongdaemun Doota Kinki robot store !

Doota Kinki robot instore!
Great store, in chain to my other compliments to Kinki robot store in Hyehwa <---

The staff here is extremely kind and want to exchange collectors info.
A must go for collectors in seoul.キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!!
even if you like american art toys or not  o(〃^▽^〃)o

pretty much the same stuff, Munnies, Kidrobot, Ugly dolls, blindbox toys, kubricks and bearbricks.
Heres a short picture og The cool Kinki robot store in Doota in Dongdaemun Seoul.
Vitrine in Kinki robot Doota dongdaemun!

MIckey mouse toys and nanoblocks

Doota Kinki Robot sign and the wonderful staff.

Doota kinki robot store

Kubrick mickey mouse 1000% medicom toys

Ugly dolls and bearbricks. 

fatcap figures.

Bearbricks in kinki robot.

Munnys, DIY figures, Gloomy , tofu and bearbricks

Nano Blocks

Huge smoking Labbit!

Cool R2D2 basked ball, 

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