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Sweeney Todd Deluxe hot toys 12" figure

Well, I CAN do stuff thats not Sideshow, And tonight I will improve.
even though Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are close related and Sideshow is distributing Hot toys figures, I will claim that this won't be taken as a a sideshow figure review.

Tim burtons Sweeney Todd contains that classic London horror charisma just alike the Jack the Ripper case, London after midnight and other classic London tales that I truly adores.

The dirty streets and the plague was ridding the streets of london, and at Fleet street was where a classic horrifying musical took place.
Sweeney Todd, The Demon barber of fleet street.

I visited Fleet street years ago, and Im totally in love with the old streets and districts of the magic town, dirty, gothic and covered with cobblestones.

and when Hot toys announced the production of this musical icon, I totally had to dig it.

The Sweeney todd Figure come with a collectors base, including background of the attic where Sweeney Todd has the shaving saloon above Lovett's Best Loved Meat Pies shop, and The barber chair with a hell lot of Gears.

The figure Can be purchased here to a reasonable price~

Unwrapping hot Toys Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney todd with Long Dark colored jacked.

The sculpting is amazing, I especially likes the hair, I have't seen such good sculpt ever.
The hair detail of this Sweeney Todd figure is just amazing.

I think the background gives the figure a great atmosphere, just Like Hoy Toys Indiana jones series.

The Sweeney Todd barber Chair.
The gears has unfortunately no function, but is for decoration display only.

And Underneath it.
I really wished that those gears would work, or at least move.
But I think it would have been to difficult to make that Chair work as in the movie.

The razors in Box

The figures come with different accessories such as additional shaving equipment, extra razors in wooden box, belts and towels.

Sweeney todd Is giving Medicon Andywarhol a shave.

The chair at the base with background.

All in all, a super Hot Toys figure.
The details are simply just amazing and the paint job is great.
it tops on the facial parts.
such as eyes and lower face cheekbones are made great.
very well done Hot toys.
~ Hot Toys Sweeney Todd Figure 6 shining stars ~

Thanks for once again reading my review/coverage.
h. Emiru

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