Wednesday, March 14, 2012

french Favorite

Hi everyone ^^I just had wonderful french meal that was absolutely wonderful (=⌒▽⌒=)

truffles salad, salmon soufflé and chocolate triplet <3
afterwards we went clubbing and there was all you can drink, i got totally wasted, I cant remember much from that might, but I had a wonderful time with these guys <3

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the club, but Im surely bring my camera inside next time o(^▽^)o


The wine cellar 
starter tapas

chocolate triplet

hang on. (`(エ)´)ノ_彡

Thanks for once again reading <img src="" alt="ドキドキ" />



  1. ooooo yummy I want to go!! The food and atmosphere looks exquisite :3

  2. Gawd, it was SO yummy!! Could eat it all again right now! *0*