Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tokyo Disney Land, Monsters Inc, Ride and Go seek, Theme store coverage

Entering Tokyo Disney resort, and along along the world bazar you will reach tomorrow land on your right side.
Entering tomorrowland the first attraction is Based on disney Pixar's famous Movie, Monsters Inc.
The "ride and go seek" attraction is a classic car ride, where you are discovering the interactive adventure with a torch light.
by the end of the tour, you are guided thorough a hallway ending in a Monsters Inc theme-based merchandise store.
The actual idea of this store, was in the early development meant to be some private department of the Monsters Inc factory "scare-floor"workers, or more like a coffee break lounge with troophys and notice boards with private funny stuff. 
But only very few elements made it so far.
Heres some of our most beloved props and items in the store.
Monsters Inc Employee Grooming Standads

Poster for Mikes Wazowski Musical
"Put That thing back where it came from or so help me"

Monsters inc Theater mask
representing Mike wazowski's Intertaining club at the Monsters Inc factory

Different Trophys. 
Sully, Monster of the month.
and some of mikes gobles and pictures.

Monster Car rally

baseball outtake from Monstropolis Newpaper

The Monsters, Inc bowling team
League Champions for the fifth season in a row

general merchandise section.
Plates, danglers and cloth-ware

I hope you enjoyed my pictures from The Monsters Inc store in Tokyo disney Land.
see you soon.

h. Emiru

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