Sunday, February 19, 2012


I kinda been happy for fish lately, and holding them as house pets.
Bought two aquarium-systems for Tropical fish, and considering making one of them into a saltwater system.
I already bought some of the equipment, but I cannot considering what to do next.

Its really expansive holding saltwater fish, and if I loose the interest shortly it'll be a waste of money.

But anyway is went on a little trip to see if I could gather some stuff.

Stingrays. soooo coool.
I have always wanted a sting ray but my tank is too small. what a shame.

The chinese Battle fish I boought for one of the tanks~
actually these fish don't need much space or oxygen systems, they are used to live in rice-fields in China and Japan, and goes to the surface of the low water to get air. 
you can actually hold this fish in a glass vase.

A light-up glitter crystal for aquariums...

I took some pictures to show, what species I want in my Saltwater tank!

This strange....Pokemon, was a little creepy...≧(´▽`)≦

zebra needle fish. 

Lysmata amboinensis


Different corals and polyps

When I came back home, I watched Finding Nemo.

One of my favorite Pixar movies ~~
I hope I'll be able to update about the tanks soon. :)
Thanks for looking. 

-h. Emiru


  1. pouty faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!! x33

    .. we need some of the hugging fishies! DD:

  2. My wife digs fish, and a salt water set up would be mighty cool, but even more so, she's into reptiles. We have snake, skink and gecko "aquariums" around the house.

    1. wow cool, I always wanted a skink :D and a green gecko, I would call him Kermit :D

  3. The purple Betta looks adorable.