Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gatsby Silver


well, time for hair coloring. I choose silver which is my favorite hair color, but fairly not very long lasting...unfortunately~
I used this Gatsby Silver Color, which is my preferred silver color. 
It usually holds for like 20 days but can be extended by using some lilac hair conditioner. 
γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ

I really hope you guys likes it.
it turned out to be more gray than silver actually.
some of the ends did not obtain that much color as the top hair did.
But i washed the color creme out before the time was up, cause when I apply it for the full time, it usually turns out to be more lilac/blue than silver


Last week I also started painting My Mummy Model kit.
Boris Karloff is one of my big heroes. And I got this Moebus kit from Mandarake in Nakano.
the kit consists of many parts, The Mummy himself, the sarcophagus, and a base including wall with inscription, snakes and ancients pottery.
When the entire set is assembled I will post it here.

I gave the assembled sarcophagus a priming with a jade colored model paint. (*⌒∇⌒*)
*This is not the final paint job but Priming only.

 And The karloff Mummy need arms and gauze ends

please look back or subscribe for more soon 
many thanks for looking.

h. Emiru


  1. Cutie!! ^^ <3
    New hair is so yummyyyyy! I want the color so badly wah! ;0;

    1. Wow, thanks ^^lets try the other color we found next week ^^

  2. Replies
    1. wow, thanks Man ! Im really happy for it too :)

  3. I love your hair! The mummy looks pretty cool too ^^

    1. Haha, Thanks, I hope i'll be able to share pictures of the Mummy soon. ^^

  4. Silver = best hair color of all time

    Looking forward to seeing mr. Karloff!

    1. Yeah, my opinion too, especially the Gatsby color :)

      Thanks, Ill be faster doing the painting then :)

  5. Damn, I want your hair colour!